Davida Jet

Davida Jet helmet, £235
Miles covered/time:
9000/One year, eight months 

What’s good? Since I started wearing this helmet my enjoyment of motorcycling has doubled.

The essence of riding, for me, is about attachment to your surroundings – the sights, sounds and especially smells – and cocooning ones head in a full-face helmet (regardless of the very clear and well-proven safety benefits thereof) doesn’t afford me the full riding ‘experience’ any more.

My speed, since a ‘biggie’ five years ago, and the acquisition of offspring, has slowed, too.

The comfort afforded by this lid, pretty much from the off, has been impeccable, while the noise-cancelling qualities have proven themselves more than adequate for me. I wear earplugs much of the time, too, and with these in my ears, the sound-deadening is on a par with many full-face lids.

I ride with a face mask and goggles, so the chances of taking a stray piece of grit in the face are slim. It’s only mildly niggling when I get caught in the rain, as the face mask causes a mild water-boarding effect.

But the pay-off is the feeling of being a part of the environment, rather than an observer of it. Of being engulfed by the smell of a hot road after a storm on a summer’s evening, for instance.

I fully understand that I can’t account for the thoughtlessness of other road users and I’m fully conscious of the obvious consequences of taking a tumble in an open-faced lid, but wearing this helmet takes away much of the invincibility cloak experienced when you ride in a suit of armour and full-face helmet. For me, that’s a benefit.

What’s not? The Davida sticker on the brow of the helmet is starting to peel off as it’s not beneath the lacquer. Beyond that, there are many years of service left in this, (fast-becoming) old faithful.

Contact: www.davida.co.uk
Rating: 5/5

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