Product Review: Shark Raw Helmet

Published: 11 March 2014

Shark Raw Helmet

Price: £189.99-£229.99

Miles covered/time: Over 1300 miles/seven months

What’s good? The first time I saw the Shark Raw I really liked the fact it was a well thought-out and different design. I have worn open- face lids for years and have suffered all the problems traditional open-face/goggles combos present. Assuming the goggles fit into the opening of the helmet (half the time they won’t) they are half an inch off your face due to the shape of the helmet shell. The Raw solves this with its innovative design of a quick-release goggle system. Where traditional helmet and goggle set-ups rely on a pop stud and loop at the back of the helmet to hold the goggles in place, the elastic on the Raw goggles comes from two separate points either side of the shell, holding the soft and comfortable goggles perfectly in place either over your eyes or on the shell at the front of the helmet. The goggles are easily removed for cleaning, or to attach the lower facemask to them. The helmet is great for summer riding with a vent on the top for a bit of extra ventilation. The provides a great combination of open face and goggles!

What’s not? When I was riding with the goggles raised while wearing sun glasses, the elastic straps occasionally began to flap at certain speeds, sounding like a helicopter was overhead. This didn’t happen when the goggles are down over your eyes though.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 4/5