Great service from RST

I was riding to a hospital appointment this morning and, out of the blue, my bike slid from under me.

I was only doing about 25-30mph on a straight road, but still managed to drop it. My bike only received minor damage but it's because of my RST kit that I'm submitting this story.

I bought a set of RST Paragon II textiles in December and after returning home, it appears that the my rear end/hip took the brunt of the slide. I wasn't overly happy with the amount of damage to the trousers at such a slow speed, so I called my local bikeshop and they put me in touch with the local RST rep.

I expressed my concerns about the amount of damage caused by a relatively minor slide, and if it had been 20-30mph faster, I would have been in major trouble as the trousers would not have offered much protection at all.

On hearing all my concerns, the rep couldn't have been more helpful. He is in the process of getting my textiles repaired (for free), not only that, doing me an amazing deal on a pair of textile/leather trousers with free hip armour - which will definitely offer more protection if it happens again (ironically these are the trousers I wanted in the first place but was told they were discontined).

In summary, after a really innocuous slide on a frosty, foggy morning, RST have come up trumps and have gone the extra mile in customer service.

I can't rate them highly enough. Well done RST, you seem to care about the little man.