Leather Review: Hideout Leathers alterations

Hideout Leathers alterations, £300 (Ladies Xtreme Two Piece suit from £1375)

Time tested: 3000 miles/owned since 2007 but not worn for a couple of years

What’s good? I love these leathers. The whole experience of having a made-to-measure suit is great, from the first measuring session with the girls at Hideout Leather, to wearing a suit that you know is a perfect fit and great quality. You can imagine my disappointment when, after a couple of years of not riding I slipped into the leathers -  well squeezed into them more like - only to realise I couldn’t breathe! Now, I like to put it down to my recent fitness campaign having bulked up my figure, in honesty I think it’s as much to do with being partial to the odd cream tea. Rather than leave the suit to gather dust in the garage I ate a bit of humble pie, not another cream tea, and made an appointment to have the leathers altered. A quick visit to Hideout’s workshop, in a very picturesque corner of Essex, the leathers were measured up and left for alteration. A couple of weeks later and they were ready for collection, they fitted a treat. It’s a labour intensive job unpicking the triple stitched leather and making the necessary alterations, so I can understand the £300 price tag. The girls at Hideout offer a full alteration and armour upgrade service for off-the-peg leathers or textile kit, with alterations starting from £10. Give them a call and they’re more than happy to discuss the viability of any job.

What’s not? The suit and alterations are a bit pricey, but then you pay for quality and the suit is made from high-grade leather with CE-approved armour and Keprotec stretch panels which give me peace of mind - something I can’t put a price tag on.

Contact: http://www.hideout-leather.co.uk/ or 01799 584828

Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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