PJ1 Blue Label chain lube

PJ1 Blue Label chain lube, £8.99

Time used: Two months

What’s good: I’ve been using this on my road GSX-R750 and race S1000RR for the last few months. I’m really OCD with my chains, I clean them regularly and then smear gearbox oil over them with a cloth to lube them. The only problem with this is you can’t do that on a big trip, so only chain lube will do. Compared with sticky, messy chain lubes of old (I haven’t used them for years), the PJ1 Blue Label stuff is very good. It’s clear and light, so the chain still looks like new after you’ve cleaned it. It doesn’t fling off and it’s easy to clean off again during the next OCD session. It’s far less messy and more effective than using gear oil.

What’s not: I wish they did it in smaller cans so you can pack it away in a tankbag when travelling.

Contact: www.bike-gear.com

Rating: 5/5

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