Ghost Towns of Route 66 book

Published: 30 August 2011

Ghost Towns of Route 66, £16.99

What's good: Not, strictly speaking, a bike book, but still very pick-up and flick-able and engaging enough to while away a good few hours with the fantasy most of us share of exploring the 'Mother Road' by Harley. This mostly picture-lead tome traverses the old Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles which was THE great migrant highway from the ‘20s to 1960s until systematically by-passed by new Interstates from the late ‘50s onwards. The result, ultimately, was catastrophic: abandoned shops, diners, petrol stations and even towns, many of which remain ghostily intact (if decrepit) today, as pictured here by Kerrick James and explained by Jim Hinckley. Powerful stuff it is, too.

What's not: It’s not got the 'wow' factor of some books on this subject I’ve seen: not being as thick (just 160 pages), glossy, or as large format as some; nor are there quite as many truly powerful images as I’d hoped – but you could pay up to £50 for a book of that quality. Instead, for the price, it’s a decent, concise overview of the subject that’ll satisfy most.

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Rating: 4/5

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