MCN’s top 5 biking rucksacks

Published: 10 March 2011

If you’re heading out for a ride – whether it’s a Sunday blast or Land’s End to John O’Groats – chances are you’ll need a decent biking rucksack.

Here are five of MCN’s favourite bags to help you make your choice…

Knox Six Pack
MCN says:
“The 29-litre capacity means I can fit gym kit, a towel, shower stuff and two pairs of trainers in the main compartment with ease, while the additional side pockets are good for items which could be needed in a hurry. The straps are designed to carry the weight over the hips, reducing stress on the lower back. They work – not once have I experienced any pain in my back while wearing this, even with it fully loaded. The laptop carry-case and visor bag that attaches securely to the inside of the bag via a Velcro patch are the icing on the cake.”

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Kriega R20
MCN says:
“The build quality is amazing. I also love the fact it’s just about big enough to cram my stuff in for a day at work and it stays comfortable over long distances thanks to the clever ‘Quadlock-lite’ harness. This means one click buckle does it all up; and it’s a cinch even with the thickest of winter gloves on.”

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KTM Ogio Epic 
MCN says:
“Made exclusively by Ogio for KTM, this rucksack has stood the test of winter, spring, something akin to summer and around 11,000 miles. It’s been laden to the brim with tools and other man-stuff in every one of its four main two-way zip-sealed compartments and not popped a stitch. And it has gone everywhere with a 15in laptop wedged into another securely padded area. There are also compartments for stashing water bottles, pens, keys, notepads, and fleece-lined pockets for an MP3 player and sunnies. All straps are adjustable and it’s proven comfortable over 2500 miles in three days – the large mesh rear prevents sweating. In all a sturdy bugger.”

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Alpinestars Range Pack
MCN says:
“Riding bikes all the time and travelling around the world to launches I spend most of my waking life wearing a rucksack, I’d be lost without it. I wore my old Alpinestars rucksack for over five years on bikes, though airports and on holidays, it was still in good shape but didn’t look or smell good, plus it wasn’t waterproof. I love this new Range Pack, it’s waterproof for a start, which stops the laptop getting damp and it’s got loads of big compartments for everything from gym kit and packed lunches to pens and camera, etc. Big padded shoulder straps, plus chest and stomach straps mean that even if when the bag weighs a ton, you can’t feel the weight once it’s strapped tightly on.”


Oxford Aeropack Xpert
MCN says:
“For any load short of my hefty security chain and Abus padlock I favour a rucksack. This is the least-niggly, most bike-optimised one I've tried.
The big, flat straps do up easily and securely in an x-shape across my chest with a single clasp, it's big enough to hold my 17" laptop and lunch when unexpanded and it'll even swallow a helmet when expanded.’Zips are completely wind-tight and it hasn't even leaked yet.”

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