Product review: Knox Cold Killers face and neck mini tube

Knox Cold Killers face and neck mini tube, £16.99
Miles covered/time:
1300/three months

What's good: At first I was sceptical it wouldn’t be much better than a simple cotton neck warmer, but it is.

It’s much warmer than your average and the extra part, which covers the top of your back, front and shoulders, stops any draft getting down your jacket. It’s thicker than a Buff but is still comfortable.

What's not: Wearing glasses means I can’t put the neck tube over my nose. It has a perforated patch, which goes over your nose and in theory stops your visor fogging up, but it doesn’t work with glasses.

Seconds after putting it on my glasses begin to steam up, and that’s without a helmet on. I have to settle for pulling it up just over my top lip.

Even if I could wear it over my nose, it’s only stayed in place after pulling my helmet on a couple of times, most of the time it’s pulled down off my nose.

Rating: 3/5

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