Product review: Powermonkey Explorer

Powermonkey Explorer, £65
Time used:
Three months

What’s good: This is a portable charging device, which has enough power to fully charge a mobile phone up to three times, or an iPhone 1.5-times.

Made from durable soft-touch rubber and plastics, it measures 90mm x 35mm, so small enough to keep in a rucksack and not notice. It’s really handy for when you’re out on a long ride, or just travelling in general, as you’ll never have to suffer a flat phone battery again.

It comes with adapters to fit most popular handsets, satnavs, MP3 players and ebook readers. The Powermonkey Explorer can be recharged via the mains, USB or solar panel (Solarmonkey, included).

There’s also a bigger version (the Powermonkey Extreme), measuring 155mm x 60mm, for charging iPads and iPhones up to six times.

What’s not: There’s nothing not to like here, it’s surprisingly useful, just charge it up, stick it in your rucksack and forget about it until you need it.

Rating: 5/5

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