Accessories Review: Knox Urbane armoured shirt

Published: 24 June 2013

Knox Urbane armoured shirt £130

Time tested: 600 miles/2 months

What’s good? I don’t always want to look like every other biker on the road and these are the times when I reach for Knox's 'undershirt'. Made predominantly out of a stretch, mesh fabric but with some softer, quilted sections on the shoulders and  cotton areas on the chest and back, it's a comfortable shirt that I can stick on over a t-shirt but under a regular jacket. With this taking care of the armour I can wear pretty much anything I like over the top. So, if I really have to wear that Tweed jacket on my Sunday ride, then I can do so knowing I have CE-approved armour for my shoulders, elbows and back.

What’s not? There’s no abrasion protection on areas away from the armour, so whilst you’re protected from knocks you aren’t going to save your skin. Also, it’s not the most attractive of items when worn on its own. A man with a slightly more compact stomach than mine might pull off the tea-bag shirt look, but on me it tends to garner crude jokes rather than any Ryan Gosling’esque respect.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 3/5