Book Review: How to Build A Cafe Racer

How to Build A Cafe Racer £20

Time tested: one month

What’s good? Whether you were around at the time of the original ton-up boys, or have been hypnotised by one of the many hundreds of achingly cool (some might say pretentious) blogs and websites, it seems we can’t get enough of cafe racers at the moment. So if you’ve got an inkling to build your own ‘on-trend’ bike but lack the required skills then you’d think a book entitled How To Build A Cafe Racer would be a great place to start.

What’s not? The first 120 pages of this book cover history, potential donor bikes and parts. This section is interesting but long-winded and neither compete enough for competent mechanics nor detailed enough for beginners. The final 24 pages feature the builds of three bikes with a few hundred words describing the process. It should be the other way around. If you have access to the internet your cafe racer inspiration is almost limitless, it’s the step by step bit that’s difficult to find and something this book covers almost as an afterthought.

Quality rating: two stars

Value rating: two stars


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