Chain lube review: sDoc100 White Chain Spray

sDoc100 White Chain Spray 75ml, £4.99
Time tested:
20,000 miles/12 months

What’s good: Chain sprays either work, or they don’t. Actually, there is a third common option, where they sort of do work, but they also drive you mad. This sDoc100 stuff simply falls into the ‘works’ category. There’s a conspicuous lack of fling, leaving your chain coated in a rust-and-grime-repelling coating, whilst your back wheel, tail unit and leg remain as clean as they were. It can easily be removed by sDoc’s chain cleaner, too, for easy maintenance.
This spray also fails to create the paste-like sludge of lube and road grit that infests many a sprocket housing, and keeps all grime well away from the chain itself. When you remove the protection with chain cleaner you have a clean chain – not a well-lubricated rusty and dirty one. This little 75ml can is small enough to carry and can be refilled from a 300ml (£10.99) can.

What’s not: I honesty can’t think of anything.

Rating: 5/5