Accessory Review: Tucano Urbano Nano Shoe Covers

Tucano Urbano Nano Shoe Covers, £33.99

Tester: Steve Farrell

Time/miles: 2000 miles/18 months

What’s good? These really do make old boots waterproof again. They fold up into a zip bag not much bigger than a fat wallet, which is why they have ‘Nano’ in the name. They’re no less waterproof for it. I’ve never known them to let in a drop. And you don’t have to fight at the roadside to get them into that wallet. They actually fit. Some over-boots have flimsy soles which wear through in about five minutes but this pair has rubber soles, split into two sections so they can still easily fold. There’s also a rubber gear-change patch.

What’s not? They fasten up the back with zips, one of which broke when I was trying to put them on in a layby. Now I can pull the zip up, but the teeth just come straight apart again.


Rating: 3

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