Product Review: Auritech custom earplugs

Auritech custom earplugs, £119

Time tested: One month/1500 miles

What’s good? This is the first time I have had a set of custom earplugs and once I learnt the slightly different method of fitting them snugly I was a total convert. It took a long trip on a hot Friday through terrible traffic to convince me these are the future and I haven’t worn a set of foam plugs since. The ceramic filter insert - the bit that cuts out the damaging sound waves - also allows you to hear sounds without the muffling you get from foam, so I can hear my helmet communication system better. They are super-comfortable even after long trips.

What’s not? The cost is significant and the same as buying 1000 pairs of foam plugs which for some will be enough to dismiss custom earplugs. Having tried both, I am completely convinced this is money well spent. Auritech is offering deals on fitting and costs right now.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 4/5

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