Product Review: Davida 'D4Vi9A Tactical' goggles

Davida 'D4Vi9A Tactical' goggles, £46

Time tested: Six months/500 miles

What’s good? These big, sturdy goggles are very 'plasticky' but flexible and lightweight enough to feel comfortable without ever feeling flimsy. They arrive with interchangeable lenses (clear, smoke and yellow) and are a great, standard set of eye-protection for those times when only an open-face helmet will do.  They're smaller and slimmer in profile than most standard motocross goggles, so should fit most helmets comfortably.

What’s not? As their 'tactical' name suggests the styling of these is best described as ‘functional’. If you're wanting a little more 'retro' styling these are probably not the goggles for you. They also let in air if you haven't firmly planted them on your face - this can result in teary eyes if you're riding at speed.

Quality rating: 3/5
Value rating: 3/5

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