Top 5 helmet cameras

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If you’re looking for an action camera that can be mounted easily on a motorcycle helmet it can be difficult to select the right one - especially with the volume of action cams now available; all at varying quality and varying prices.

Whether you’re looking for one that will simply keep a record of your daily commute or a camera you can take on a long road trip or even for an offroad adventure - there are several available that can do the job.

We’ve hand-picked some of the best helmet cameras from the MCN Shop and Amazon to find the right one for you.

Drift Stealth 2 CameraDrift Stealth 2 Camera - £99.99 RRP

The smallest, lightest action camera available from Drift. This excellent little camera will mount easily on any motorcycle helmet.

This camera is a miniscule 80 mm x 42 mm x 27 mm and weighs a mere 97g - made even more incredible by the fact that it’s capable of 1080p Full HD resolution at 30fps with a whopping 170mins of filming at this resolution.

In addition this camera is weather, water and even freeze resistant. It comes with 256mb of internal memory + DDR2 2GB SDRAM. Storage is easily upgradeable to 32gb via a MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC Card - plenty of space for lots of footage. The camera can deliver around 2 - 3 hours battery life; perfect for longer trips.

An impressive piece of kit and, for the price, certainly value for money in our humble opinion - especially if you're on a budget.



Drift Ghost S CameraDrift Ghost S Video Camera - £249.99 RRP

OK - so we’re looking at a bit more for this piece of kit but let’s see why.

The Drift Ghost S is an impressive action camera - boasting 1080p Full HD resolution (at 60fps), corning gorilla glass to protect the built-in 2” LCD screen, it’s WiFi enabled, waterproof and is ready for anything. Most importantly - it offers a 3 hour battery life for longer trips.

In addition to this the camera also the latest Drift technology built-in - including enhanced seven element lens design. This basically means that it gives you crystal clear, high clarity images - in a variety of different resolutions.

The camera can be easily controlled via the supplied remote or via an App available on Android and the App Store for iOS.  



Starlane Oxydia CameraStarlane Oxydia Action Camera - £249.99 RRP

The Starlane Oxydia is a small, compact camera that is capable of wonderful things…
Weighing in at only 95g and measuring 100mm x 30mm x 30mm - this camera can be mounted easily and with minimum effort.

The camera is encased in a durable aluminium shell - cylindrically shaped to ensure maximum aerodynamics - allowing it to be positioned almost anywhere on the body, bike or helmet.

It sports an impressive 1080p Full HD resolution camera, memory that can be expanded to 32GB with an SD Card, 140 degree viewing angle and a 2 hour battery life.



Sena 10C Combination Camera & BluetoothSENA 10C Combination Bluetooth Intercom & Camera - £307 RRP (£289.99 on Amazon)

A very impressive piece of kit. The Sena 10C Combination Bluetooth Intercom and 1080p Full HD Camera is pricier than many of the other action cameras in this article but with good reason.

This amazing camera is not only capable of Full HD video and 2 hours recording time but also allows you to listen to FM Radio with RDS alerts or connect your smartphone to it and listen to your own music whilst riding.

Possibly even more incredible - this kit can even be paired directly with a Sat Nav for audible instructions whilst riding - to help reduce distraction.

So not only is it a way to record video footage whilst riding but it also offers a whole new way to enjoy your trip - it is pricey but both our customers and MCN think it’s money well spent.



GoPro HERO5 CameraGoPro HERO5 Action Camera - £357.29

Finally - if you have a bit more budget to burn then why not splash on the excellent GoPro HERO5 action camera? A superbly built, durable 4K Ultra HD camera that can be easily mounted to a motorcycle helmet.

The GoPro HERO5 includes voice control, is fully waterproof (up to 33ft without housing and includes advanced video stabilisation - to ensure you capture the best quality footage whilst riding.

It also includes the option to sign-up to the GoPro Cloud - so you can share video and photographs from anywhere in the world - it even includes GPS to ensure the location is captured.

Yes, the camera is in the more expensive end of the spectrum, however, for the price you get a quality piece of kit and no mistake.