Speedway Grand Prix: Andreas Jonsson wins 'richest minute in racing'

Published: 18 October 2007

Sweden’s Andreas Jonsson won ‘the richest minute in motorsport’ on Saturday when he took victory to win the final Grand Prix of the season.

He defeated Greg Hancock, Jason Crump and Leigh Adams to take the first prize of $100,000 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Andreas Jonsson, who races for the Lakeside Hammers in the British Elite League, is now planning on treating his mother to a holiday with some of his prize money.

Jonsson said: “I said before the race I would pay for a holiday for my mother if I won, and that’s what I will do. I can hardly believe it, I’m so happy.”

It was the Swede’s second GP victory of the season, but it wasn’t enough to ensure a place inside the all-important top-eight to guarantee his place in the next year’s series.

However, given that he has suffered a troubled season with niggling injuries, it would be a major shock if he wasn’t handed one of the four seeded places by the FIM for 2008.

The mad scramble to finish inside the top-eight pitched Britain’s two riders, Scott Nicholls and Chris Harris, in a run-off against Rune Holta. All three riders had finished on 91-points and the British duo needed to occupy first and second places to make sure of their spots.

Holta led the way with Chris Harris in second until he and Nicholls clashed at the start of the last lap. Chris ‘Bomber’ Harris was sent sprawling into the dirt, but the referee let the race continue and it was an apologetic Scott Nicholls who took the all-important second.

Australian and out-going World Champion Jason Crump secured third place to ensure that he took the bronze medal, but it wasn’t a good night for the new World Champion Nicki Pedersen.

After three third places, Nicki Pedersen banged in two wins to qualify for the semi-finals, but his hopes of finishing the season with a big pay cheque to go with the world title ended in the first semi-final.

He held second place behind Greg Hancock, but an error on the ever-changing track surface, allowed Andreas Jonsson to slip through for second and Rune Holta followed him for third to force a run-off with the two British riders.

Result: Andreas Jonsson 20, Greg Hancock 16, Jason Crump 15, Leigh Adams 11, Bjarne Pedersen 11, Rune Holta 10, Hans Andersen 9, Nicki Pedersen 9, Peter Karlsson 8, Scott Nicholls 8, Tomasz Gollob 7, Matej Zagar 6, Wieslaw Jagus 6, Christian Hefenbrock 4, Chris Harris 4, Kaj Laukkanen 0.

Championship: Nicki Pedersen 196, Leigh Adams 153, Jason Crump 124, Tomasz Gollob 108, Hans Andersen 107, Greg Hancock 106, Rune Holta 91, Scott Nicholls 91, Chris Harris 91, Andreas Jonsson 90, Wieslaw Jagus 81, Nicki Pedersen 77, Hampel 67, Matej Zagar 54, Lindback 31.