Isle of Man TT: Dunlop brothers won't race as a mark of respect for their father

Published: 21 May 2008

William Dunlop and his brother Michael have decided to withdraw from the Isle of Man TT races as a mark of respect for their dad Robert who was fatally injured during practice for the North-West 200.

“We will not be going to compete,” said William.

“I would doubt if we would even want to be spectators!”

“Anyway now that dad has gone, we have nobody to look after us at the TT.”

Speaking from the family home in Ballymoney, 22-year-old William added, “Dad was never keen on us doing the TT, he worried about us even though he had won five-times himself.”

“Naturally, we are both considering our future. At the moment road racing is at the back of my mind although I would like to ride again at the North-West as well as the Ulster Grand Prix.”

“So far as the smaller races are concerned I doubt if I’ll be taking part in any more of them. My mum wants me to forget about racing on the roads.”

“There is the possibility that I might have another crack at the 125 class in the British championship. I’ve been promised a one-off ride with the KPR team on the Honda which my dad should have been using at the North-West.”

Robert Dunlop of course was the 125 British champion in 1991.

“I would really love to go racing in Europe,” confessed William.

“But it would have to be with a team because I just couldn’t fund it myself.”

So far as 20-year-old Michael is concerned, his future is unclear.

“My concern right now is to look after my mum,” said Michael.

“So far as William is concerned he’s one of the best track riders around and I’ll help him all I can.”