2009 Dakar Rally: Simon Pavey day two blog

Published: 05 January 2009

BMW’s Simon Pavey raced his BMW G 650 Xchallenge to 81st position on day two of the 2009 Dakar. His strong results see’s the Australian move up to 100th overall, 14 places higher than his day one finish.

The second day saw the Australian complete the gruelling 837KM stage in 30oC temperatures made up of a 237KM Special and 600KM liaison.

Writing for MCN, Pavey said:

“It was extremely dusty again today. I had to slow down so that I could see. We were also challenged with big ruts from the riders ahead of us. The further down the field you were the worse they got. The ruts were like talcum powder at the bottom and had a sharp edge. They were really slippery and a few guys crashed out because of them.

“It was the longest day of the Rally and it was searing hot, but I enjoyed the riding a lot more today. Tomorrow the terrain will change and there will be plenty of challenges ahead. It should be good fun.”

To follow Simon Pavey’s progress in the 2009 Argentina – Chile Dakar Rally check back to www.motorcyclenews.com tomorrow morning.

Stage 2 results – Day 2 of 16

1. Frans Verehoven – Netherlands                                       02:14:48
2. Cyril Despres – France                                                   +00:00:41
3. David Fretigne – France                                                 +00:01:04
27. Stanley Watt – GBR                                                      +00:21:19
31. Mick Extance – GBR                                                     +00:27:27
81. Simon Pavey – World of BMW- Aust/GBR                      +00:50:50
105: Craig Bounds – GBR                                                    +00:59:38
157. Jonathan Stamper – GBR                                             +01:35.22
169: Ewan Buchan – GBR                                                    +01:54.37

Motorcycle Overall Results – Day 2 of 16 – 192 finishers, 235 started on 3 January 2009

1.     Marc Coma – Spain
2.     Frans Verhoeven – Netherlands
3.     David Fretigne – France
23. Stanley Watt - GBR
33. Mick Extance - GBR
100. Simon Pavey – Australia/GBR – World of BMW
103. Craig Bounds – GBR
127. Jonathan Stamper – GBR
147. Ewan Buchan - GBR