Ward suspended after failed breath test

Published: 28 August 2014

Australian speedway racer Darcy Ward will miss this weekend’s Grand Prix in Poland after being hit with a provisional suspension following a failed breath test before the last round in Latvia.

The incredibly talented 22-year-old was thrown out of the Latvian GP after failing the test, having admitted to drinking too much on the night before the lunchtime race.

Ward was referred to the racing authorities’ medical commission, but was free to continue racing and has been competing around Europe since the Latvian event.

But now, with the next round of the GP looming, the FIM has provisionally suspended Ward from all racing with immediate effect, until its International Disciplinary Count has ruled on the matter.

Denmark’s Michael Jepsen Jensen, the first reserve rider for the series, will take his place in Saturday’s Grand Prix in Gorzow, Poland.