BSB announces new superbike Evo class

Published: 23 September 2009

Next year’s MCE British Superbike championship will include a new ‘evolution’ class to replace the Privateer Cup competition.

BSB Evo has been proposed by series promoters MSVR after extensive consultation with the BSB manufacturer and team liaison group and it will be open to anyone in the series from the official manufacturer-backed top teams to the most humble privateer and will allow homologated machines with full superbike racing rolling chassis but with superstock specification engines.  

The bikes will also be required to run a control ECU package that eliminates any form of traction control, launch control and anti-wheelie electronics.

The new class is being trialled next season alongside existing FIM-spec superbikes, but is likely to be adopted as the regulations for all BSB bikes in the 2011 series.

MSVR Director Jonathan Palmer told MCN: The aim of BSB Evo is to dramatically cut costs, increase manufacturer and team participation, and to ensure the continued success of the series.”

For full details of the new BSB Evo class and reaction from top team bosses,  see the September 23 copy of MCN.