Yamaha unveil 2014 MotoGP livery

Published: 17 January 2014

Yamaha have unveiled their 2014 MotoGP livery today at an event in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

The 2014 M1, unveiled in person by Rossi and Lorenzo, features a similar paint scheme to the 2013 model, albeit with more white, and remains without a title sponsor.

Holding the event in Indonesia, where Lorenzo and Rossi ahve thousands of diehard fans, reflects the growing importance of the South-East Asian market for global motorcycle sales.

Dorna are keen to expand in the reigon, and a number of new races are expected over the next decade as European bike sales continue to drop.

Lorenzo said at the event: “It’s always nice to come into a sunny country with happy people, especially Indonesia, a country that gets crazy about MotoGP. Both Vale and myself have a lot of fans. Everyone recognises us in the street and gives us a lot of love so it's a good place to promote Yamaha."

"Every year this Asian market gets more and more important so our visits here increase. This time we decided to do the launch here, in front of thousands of Yamaha people. I like the new bike a lot, it's very smart and elegant with more white. It’s not just the colour though; I’m excited to see what’s inside the bike in Sepang!"

Rossi added: "It’s always great to come to Indonesia. The Indonesians are the best fans in the world, with a lot of passion for MotoGP and the Yamaha Factory Team, even though they have no races in their country. Yamaha Indonesia plays a big role in Yamaha’s global business and I truly hope that Jorge’s and my presence here gives a further boost to their local business. This morning I had the pleasure and the honour to spend some time with Mr. Joko Widodo, Governor of Jakarta, and I could not have expected any better welcome to my arrival in Indonesia."

"This season is very important for me and the fact that we officially start the season here in Jakarta makes it even more special. I can’t remember any previous unveiling by Yamaha made outside Europe, so today’s event was special for several reasons. Yamaha deliberately decided to offer the Indonesian dealers the chance to host the unveiling of the 2014 M1 during their big annual meeting here in Jakarta and this is another sign of the increasing importance of the SE Asian market for the global business. I truly hope to be able to race here again, very soon, before it’s too late!!"