Electric cars to race at TT

Published: 08 June 2009

Next year the TTXGP will expand to add a class for cars as well as bikes. The surprise announcement of an ‘eGrandPrix’ has been made as organisers confirm the ground-breaking electric TT’s return in 2010. The race will also be doubled in length to two laps – over 70 miles – and allow pitstops where teams can change batteries.

Tesla, whose electric Roadster can crack 0-60mph and 3.9sec and has a 244 mile range, has already expressed support for the eGrandPrix. Aaron Platshon, European Sales and Marketing Manager at Tesla Motors, said: “We welcome the TTXGP’s initiative to launch an electric car race and believe that competitive, high performance motorsport will be an important force driving electric vehicles and electric drivetrain technology forward while also capturing the imagination of the public.”

A number of 2009 TTXGP competitors have already re-subscribed for the race in 2010, including Evo Design Solutions, the team behind the ‘Lotus’ bike, the Ev0-RR.

Team leader, Rick Simpson, said: “For us TTXGP 2009 is just the beginning of zero-carbon racing. In 2010 we want to return to the Isle of Man and demonstrate the progress that can be made with another year of research and development.”