Track invasion warning

Published: 02 April 2007

Fans that ran onto the circuit at the end of the second race have been warned they could jeopardise the future of racing at Donington.

Spectators rushed onto the track at the Old Hairpin to congratulate race winner Nori Haga, however, some were at the trackside whilst backmarkers were still racing.

Several racers were forced to take evasive action on the cooling down lap when they found the track was blocked by the fans.

Pallett said: “We don’t condone it, it’s dangerous and something we are keeping an eye on. Fans can enter the track only once the safety car has cleared the circuit. At Silverstone we built metal fencing around the circuit at a cost of £250,000 – I don’t want to spend this money at Donington, I’d rather spend it on something to benefit the spectators.”