Foggy Decision close

Published: 15 January 2007

Carl Fogarty could find out this week if he’ll be running a team in World Superbikes next season.

With time running out for the four-time WSB champion to get the sponsor he needs, Foggy knows that he’s already way behind his rivals, a fact that’s been driven home with all the top teams testing recently.

Speaking exclusively to MCN, Foggy said: “We’re getting very close to having an answer now and we should know one way or the other by the end of the week.

“I like to be organised well in advance but the chance of that has gone now. We should have known months ago, but it’s still possible and there’s an avenue we’ve been working on for a sponsor for a long time now.

“Missing tests isn’t good whatever bikes you are running even if they are the same as last year, but there’s no point in crying about it, that’s gone now.

“We can’t think about these things while we’re still trying to put a deal together.”     Despite the monster challenge he has in front of him to get a competitive team ready for the opening race in Qatar, Foggy remains confident that it’s still possible.

“It will be harder for us coming into the championship at such a late stage, everyone knows that, but it’s irrelevant.

“Superbikes have been really growing for the last two years now and I think people have noticed that. If was stronger this year and it’ll be stronger next so it’s getting back to where it once was.

“That’s good for everyone and I relish that. I want the best people to be out there racing because I want to be there beating them.”