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Motorcycle Box
Motorcycle Box

Motorcycle top boxes are bought mainly for functional reasons. No-one buys a top box because they want to improve the look of their bike so functionality has to come first.

While it may not be as fun as selecting the latest Akrapovic exhaust, there are some neat and light top box options out there.

Depending on the size of your motorbike and what you’re looking to use a top box for, there are a plethora of options on the market. There are several factors to consider when researching a top box, just as there are for any other form of luggage.

Some questions to consider include:

• What will be the main use of your top box?

• How much additional weight can you or your biker handle? (You need to think about what a 10kg top box will do to your centre of gravity)

• Do you need additional brake lights or reflector options for extra security on the road?

• Are you commuting and need a top box to eliminate using a rucksack every day?

• Will you be going on an adventure where you need to store a few days/weeks’-worth of items?

• Would you be better off using a small tank bag, tailpack or backpack instead?

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A top box is an excellent way to add lots of extra storage plus it can keep items secure while you’re parked up and away from your bike. They’re not for everyone though – some can be pricey investments, so we’ve rounded up our favourites to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Tresco XXL


The Tresko XXL motorcycle top box is enormous, with a quoted volume of 48 litres. It can fit two helmets and you can remove it from the bike in less than 30 seconds when unlocked. To protect against thieves, this quick-change cannot be accessed when locked. There’s also a 60cm-long reflector for additional visibility when on the road. It’s stated as a universal fit and will work on scooters as well as bikes.


Weight: 5.06kg

Dimensions: 58 x 32 x 43 cm

Capacity: 48 litres

Includes: 1 support plate, 2 keys and mounting elements

Givi TRK46

£241.00 | VIEW OFFER 

The Givi is a practical top box that can double up as a pannier as well as a top box but also allows for easy locking and attachment. The best part about the TRK46B Trekker Monokey is the unique split-lid system – it can either be fully opened or you can use a smaller access point when it’s on its side. If you fancy this, you’ll have to purchase the Givi fitting kit separately to install it.


Weight: 10kg

Dimensions: 411 x 526 x 310mm

Capacity: 46 litres

Is compatible with the Givi E125 Four Rings kit to allow for more luggage capacity

Kappa K-Venture KVE58A

£384.99 | VIEW OFFER 

The Kappa top case is made from 1.5mm-thick aluminium and is for serious adventure riders to keep in mind. It comes with two keys and fits two full-face helmets. We love the rails on the sides of the lid, which mean you can attach or strap extra luggage to the outside. It’s a strong, secure case, featuring the Monokey plate-attachment system, to give you peace of mind when exploring. Requires the addition of a bike-specific fitting kit.


Weight: 7kg

Dimensions: 323 x 555 x 454 mm

Capacity: 58 litres

Comes with upgraded Kappa security as standard

Givi DLM30B

£239.87 (was £338.50) | VIEW OFFER 

The Givi DLM30B Trekker Dolomiti is another on our list with dual functionality – meaning you can use this 30L case as a top box or pannier. It’s a solid accessory, which is suitable for tools, food, cameras or other valuables and also looks good. While you can’t fit a helmet inside, this Givi has four belt hooks on the top to fit on extra luggage. It also has hooks to fix a cargo net on the underside of the lid. An adaptor kit is included to allow you to use this case with Givi PL/PLR pannier rails.


Max load: 10kg

Dimensions: 240 x 460 x 410mm

Capacity: 30 litres

Kappa K28BAS

£44.99 | VIEW OFFER 

This Kappa case is a universal fit top box with a capacity of 28 litres that is made of waterproof, polypropylene material. Although a universal fit, its main purpose is for lighter machines, such as scooters and maxi scooters. Although it only has a 3kg max load, it can fit a single helmet inside. It has a built-in reflector and comes with a universal Monolock plate.


Max load: 3kg

Dimensions: 300 x 405 x 400mm

Capacity: 28 litres

Shad SR28

£135.89 (was £150.99) | VIEW OFFER 

Looking for something with a bit of a retro, everyday feel? Then Shad’s SR28 box is just for you. It’s a leather top case, which comes with a rain cover and has a capacity of 27 litres. It’s also fitted with TSA-approved lockable zips and has room for a full-face helmet. It has three inner pockets and a padded handle and a shoulder strap to remove and transport more comfortably.


Max load: 8kg

Dimensions: 260 x 400 x 250mm

Capacity: 27 litres

Givi WL901

£158.00 | VIEW OFFER  

An expandable top box offering from Givi, this WL901 ‘weightless’ lightweight top box provides 29-34 litres of capacity and is a great option if you’re looking for something that isn’t too heavy or bulky. This semi-rigid accessory has a Monokey attachment system, meaning it’s mountable to all Monokey plates. Once the accordion hinge is extended, the WL901 will fit a full-face helmet inside and includes a removable waterproof inner bag.


Max load: 5kg

Dimensions: 386 x 468 x 266-293mm

Capacity: 29-34 litres

Shad SH48

£215.09 (was £238.99) | VIEW OFFER 

This sleek and pillion-friendly Shad, with titanium carbon cover, is a 48 litre, impact-resistant, fully waterproof top case. Its well-thought-out design includes a backrest to keep pillions comfortable and has an ergonomic handle and press lock system to open with one hand. It also fits two full-face or flip-front helmets inside and while it includes a fitting plate, a bike-specific kit is sold separately.


Max load: 8kg

Weight: 4kg

Dimensions: 310 x 610 x 460mm

Capacity: 48 litres

SW-Motech Trax Adv

£331.00 | VIEW OFFER  

SW Motech’s Trax Adv is light but mighty, with glassfibre-reinforced plastic corners for added strength. Praised for its excellent quality and 38-litre storage space, you can fit a full-face helmet and jacket inside. A nice touch is, while the aluminium case has a 1.5mm thickness, it only weighs 4.8kg. The Trax Adv is also powder-coated black to protect from wear and tear.


Weight: 4.8kg

Dimensions: 410 x 340 x 330mm

Capacity: 48 litres

Waterproof and dustproof

Shad SH40

£116.09 (was £128.99) | VIEW OFFER 

This Shad SH40 Cargo is another on our list which can fit two helmets inside. It’s waterproof and impact-resistant, with a clever design feature – a cargo rack integration. The SH40 does have the option to purchase a backrest, inner bag and brake light, which can bring the overall price up quite a bit. It comes with a fitting plate and a pair of compression straps to fit extra luggage to the rack.


Weight: 3kg

Capacity: 40 litres

Dimensions: 296 x 492 x 425mm

Givi V47NNT

£159.91 (was £228.00) | VIEW OFFER 

The Givi V47NNT is a 47 litre, Monokey top case with a black carbon pattern effect top and clear smoke reflectors. It can be fitted with any Monokey top plate and can fit two full-face or flip-front helmets inside. It is double skinned and has a fully waterproof seal. In addition, the lid can be lifted, locked and closed independently.


Max load: 10kg

Dimensions: 590 x 320 x 450mm

Capacity: 47 litres

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