#ride5000miles: Top tips

Published:02 January 2018

Last year was the first year of the #Ride5000miles challenge, which saw thousands of members commit to riding their beloved two-wheeled steed for at least 5000 miles. Why? Because motorcycles are awesome and they make you feel awesome.

And because riding makes you feel awesome, #Ride5000miles is returning for 2018. To help you cover those 5000 miles as easily as possible, here are our top tips.

If you stored the bike in the garage for the winter it's best to take it steady when you get it out of hibernation. That doesn't just mean speed - you'll want to shorten the distance as well. Your bike fitness might have suffered a bit over winter, so keep your first few rides slow and short. You've got the rest of the year to rack up the miles, so there's no rush!

Don't go planning adventures into the heart of Africa to try and reach the 5000 miles target. If you use your bike little and often the miles will soon rack up. Maybe choose one day a week to ride into work, or look at using the bike for day trips in the summer.

If you want to do a slightly longer trip, either in the UK or abroad, start planning it now. It sounds obvious. but it'll give you plenty of time to buy anything you need and getting the bike ready.

If your bike's been laid up over winter make sure you give it a check over before you head back out on the road. Give the tyre pressures a check, check the oil level, check the chain tension. If you really want to make sure everything's in shape, take it to your local garage for a quick service. Oh, and keep the battery on trickle charge!

If you're organised enough, give all your riding kit a good clean before you store it away for winter. Take your helmet lining out and give it a good wash. Give your leathers a scrub and remove and wash any linings you can. Stinky, stale kit is the worst.

Riding on your own is good, but riding with your mates is better. If you can organise a group of you to tackle the challenge together every ride will be a laugh and you'll all keep each other motivated.

Our Facebook group is a great place to engage with your fellow riders nd share what you've been upto. They're a friendly bunch and will be able to help you out with any problems you may have. You might even find some more riding buddies!

5000 miles is a lot to cover in a single year, so it's important to stay motivated and not get stuck in a routine. If you find yourself getting frustrated just riding the same routes at the same time every week then try something different. Stick to the kind of riding you enjoy and you won't go far wrong!

Yeah, we know, biking is something that many of us use to get away from modern life and the onslaught of social media, but pictures are always good to look back on to remind yourself of that epic trip. And of course, don't forget to keep an eye on your clocks for the magic 5000 figure rolling round! If it's safe to stop, pull over and snap a picture to then add to the #ride5000miles Facebook group.