Tried and tested: ABS plastic fairings review

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Following my booking of my first track day, I decided to switch out the OEM fairings on my ZXR400 as a precautionary measure in case of any accidents during the event. Since I needed to commute to and from the track day on my motorcycle, I chose to go with ABS plastic fairings instead of track-specific bodywork.

The ABS plastic fairings were pre-drilled, making it possible to install them in less than an hour, even with minimal experience and only a few tools. The only issue I faced during the installation process was some of the plastic parts overlapping, which didn’t match the originals exactly.

However, with some quick sanding, I was able to align them properly. Once I was satisfied with the fit, I removed the fairings and had them sprayed. They came with a pre-prepared surface for painting, and I found that the paint adhered well to them.

Tested by Joseph Wright for 1 month


Miles: 500 road, 100 track


  • Good quality plastics
  • Easy installation
  • Ready for painting


  • Not a 100% match
  • Not resilient to heat
  • Quality
  • Value
Construction: ABS Plastic
Category: Fairing and bodywork

The plastic panels are made of ABS, which is a suitable substitute for fiberglass and is also lighter than the OEM panels. This makes them an excellent choice for track use. Additionally, they are durable and don’t feel fragile in any way. However, when it comes to practicality, the only downside is their lower heat resistance compared to the original bodywork. In fact, they have started to melt around the pipe.

Compared to competitors such as Skidmarkk, BB Plastics, and A16, these ABS plastic fairings are the most affordable option. This was a significant advantage for me as I wanted to stay within my budget. However, I can understand why others may be willing to pay more for a more professional appearance or track-oriented fairings.


While these ABS plastic fairings are not identical to the OEM panels, they have proven to be an excellent safeguard for track days and have given me the confidence to push myself a bit further on the track. If you’re seeking a factory-like appearance, unfortunately, these panels may not provide that. However, as an alternative option, they have been simple to install and paint, and I am pleased with their performance as a supplementary part.

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Joseph Wright

By Joseph Wright