Tried and tested: RST Paragon 2 review


These RST Paragon 2 motorcycle boots can cover many needs; waterproof, sporty, slim and comfortable and fairly warm. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking they will do you through the depths of winter – you may be disappointed.

When it comes to motorcycle boots, there is such a wide variety out there that you can generally find something that satisfies every requirement.

I’ve had these RSTs for almost as long as I’ve been riding and have used them a lot and like them as much as I have used them.

Price: £95.99


  • Great feel for the bike
  • Excellent value
  • Good three-season boots


  • Protection could be better

RST doesn’t classify them on its website though Sportsbikeshop does describe them as the company’s “ultimate touring boot”. They are on the sporty side of touring and that, in part, is their attraction.

They are formed with a microfibre outer backed with a Hipora breathable and waterproof membrane. The lining is thick and plush though the footbed is fairly thin but this does mean that feel for the bike is pretty good.

There is a 2/3-height zip on the inside of the leg for access with a hefty Velcro-secured flap to cover the zip and pull the top of the boot in tight against the leg and protection comes from a significant piece of shin armour with a separate hard-armour heel cup, a solid toe cup and rubberised sections on the outside of the ankle.

RST Paragon 2 ankle

I find getting my foot in can be a bit of a struggle but once they are on, oh my, they are so comfortable and secure. The heel slots in perfectly and is held securely, even when flexing the foot backwards and forwards such as getting under or over the gear lever.

There is no gaping at the top of the leg, thanks to excellent movement through the accordion panels at the front and the rear of the boot.

I have fairly wide feet and the footbed – albeit thin – and the body of the boot also fit nicely, with no squeezing. I usually take an EU44 in motorcycle boots (UK 9.5 whereas I normally take a UK 9 in shoes) and in some boots, this can feel a little loose – I guess by virtue of the fact they are slightly larger than my actual foot size.

RST Paragon 2 shin

However, the Paragon II fits me nicely so you might want to try a size larger than normal if you are considering a pair.

In addition to fitting well, they are also fairly light; both in physical terms and in how they feel on the bike. There is a definite sporty bias here, with good feel and not too warm.

The vents in the rear of the heel help to keep the foot cooler when the going gets hot and I find they don’t get too sweaty.

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I’ve used them year-round and they are great in spring, summer and autumn, in rain showers and cooler weather. However – and it’s a big however – I have found that they aren’t meant for the depths of winter.

RST Paragon 2 heel

And if they are used then, they are found wanting. When the temperature drops, the toes start to get chilly as they are usually well exposed – a function of the lining not being super-thick (remember that feel I was talking about) and the windproofing of the membrane perhaps not being all it could be.

And then, when it starts to get really wet, they let water in. Admittedly it does need to be pretty solid rain and spray but nonetheless, the feet get wet in a way that other boots I have tried over the years don’t.

I suspect this is a failing of less the material or the membrane but a design issue. The vents in the heel that help keep your feet cool would also appear to be where the water gets in. Every time my feet have got wet, it has been along the bottom edges starting from the back, suggesting the water is getting in low down. Those vents are the prime suspect.

RST Paragon 2 CE label

Another concern is the protection. They are rated under the 2015 CE standard which uses three digits – a 1 or a 2. 1 is a basic pass and 2 is a superior pass. The later 2017 standard offers an additional number but this simply denotes the boot height – the first figure shows 1 for a short boot or 2 for a tall one. These are rated 2-1-1 which shows a superior pass for abrasion resistance but only basic passes for impact cut and transvers rigidity.

The latter is obvious – there is no mechanism to prevent the ankle turning over as on other boots and the inherent strength is low. Having said that, the shin armour is subtle enough that you can easily get them under a pair of jeans so for a summer ride or a quick throw on, they are far, far better than short boots or trainers.


Know what these are and how they will protect your foot and you will be OK. They are nice three-season boots but aren’t really the tool for the job is you want to ride in very cold or wet conditions. But for cooler or rides where you may get a shower, then they are good.

RST Paragon 2 zip

Try for size before you buy I find them comfortable and secure with great feel for the bike. It’s a shame their actual protective abilities aren’t higher but then, they are just £120 at full retail or well south of £100 if you shop around.

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