QBag Tail Bag 4 review | This top-quality motorbike luggage has a bargain basement price

QBag Tail Bag 4
QBag Tail Bag 4

QBag are a German motorbike luggage firm that have won a lot of hearts with their ultra-low priced but quality kit. At £69.99, the Tail Bag 4 tailpack actually sits at the top end of the product range price wise, with options like the Roll Bag 3 (£9.99), Waterproof Backpack (£21.99) and Dakar Rear Bag (£25) leading the economy charge.

Tested by Ben Clarke for six months

The QBag Tail Bag 4 is a cheap and cheerful piece of universal motorcycle luggage that is also surprisingly high-quality.


  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to fit
  • No external fittings


  • Not great looking
  • Needs waterproof cover in the wet
  • Practicality
  • Quality
  • Value vs rivals
  • Looks
  • Verdict
Length x height x width 32cm x 30cm x 40cm
Capacity 26 litres (main compartment)
Construction 100% nylon
Mounting Hook and bungee
Waterproof? No (rain cover included)
Separate outer pockets Three
  • Soft foam pad to protect your paint work included
  • Side pockets for smaller items

Like the rest of the products mentioned, the Tail bag 4 is as simple as can be. You get quality nylon construction, rugged zips, bungee fitment and that’s about it. But what is there feels exceptionally well-made and strong, and I think it will stand the test of time well beyond this six-month test.

QBag Tail Bag 4 practicality

I only knocked a star off because you have to stop and pull on a rain cover if it rains. Otherwise, you can’t fault the simplicity of the set-up. The bag is fitted to the bike using integrated bungee straps and plastic (non-scratch) hooks. That’s it.

There’s a handy soft foam pad that can be velcro’d in place to protect your paint work if needed but if your bike has a pillion seat, you’ll probably be installing the QBag there.

QBag zip and popper

The bag’s cylindrical shape isn’t great to look at, but is very practical in terms of maximising what you can stuff into the 26-litre main compartment. The side pockets are handy for the bits and bobs you might need to get at – puncture repair kit, waterproofs etc – and boost overall capacity to around 30 litres.

Is the QBag Tail Bag 4 made with quality in mind?

The build-quality is exceptional and all the zips and seams feel ready to face the apocalypse. All of the retaining snap-fasteners for the zips have a reassuring clack to them and there’s not a single bit of wonky stitching to be found anywhere – which is great at this end of the market.

The bungee cords used are really thick, heavy-duty items, too, and feel like they’ll stand up to some abuse. Some customer product reviews suggest using an additional bungee over the top for safety but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Is the Qbag Tail Bag 4 good value in comparison to others?

Qbag Tailbag 4 demonstrating handle

A piece of luggage you can trust at this price point is worth its weight in gold. There are cheaper options out there, but there are also vastly more expensive ones, too.

A Kriega Drypack Tail Bag US 30 will set you back £169, although it’s arguably a better-looking unit. Kriega stuff has a bombproof reputation, too, but you can’t ignore that price difference.

The quality of Kriega equipment is right at the top of the game but as a result, so is the price. This drypack has a capacity of 30 litres (there's also a 20l and 10l version) and has a roll-closure opening at one end.

The outer material is PVC while there is also a waterproof liner to keep contents safe and dry. There is an external pocket and like much of Kriega’s gear, it can be joined to other items to create a modular system.


  • Great quality
  • Waterproof
  • Modular design


  • Narrow opening to pack

A Held Iconic Evo costs a comparable £66.95 and MCN contributor and RiDE Magazine writer Jim Blackstock was impressed when he tested one, saying: “It’s a good, strong, stable tailpack that houses much more than its paper capacity would suggest and remains stable and solid on the bike. It’s also remarkable value when you look at what else is on the market.”

The Held Iconic Evo is a motorcycle tailpack with a slim profile and tall design a bit like a top box.

Read our Held Iconic Evo review


  • Enormous capacity – holds a full-face helmet
  • Simple to fit to the bike
  • Very stable and solid


  • None

The main competitor you might consider over the QBag is the Oxford F1 tailpack. It has a slightly smaller carrying capacity at 18 litres but is currently on sale for just £39.99 (RRP £59.99).

Price: £49.99 (was £64.99)
If you have a small amount of gear to carry with you on your bike but don’t fancy – or like – wearing a rucksack, then a tailpack like the Oxford F1 is a great option.

Read our Oxford F1 Tailpack review


  • Basic but effective
  • New version comes with zip-off base
  • Separate showerproof liner


  • Capacity may be low for some uses

Jim was impressed with the Oxford when he tested that too, saying, “If you need a small amount of carrying capacity and don’t want to add enormously to the look and feel of the bike, then this is a good option. It’s stable, has a showerproof liner and the newer version has a zip-off base to make fitting and taking off the bike easier.”

Does the Qbag Tail Bag 4 look good?

It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but the QBag Tail Bag 4 isn’t a looker. It’s perfect for a quick weekend away or the odd occasion where you need to carry something to work or a bit of shopping. But if I was using the luggage on a more permanent basis, I’d probably seek out something a bit sleeker. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, though.

The verdict

The QBag is certainly impressive in terms of quality and value and I would certainly buy one if I was caught short for luggage for a weekend away. The quality is exceptional and I think it would last you years and years – a lifetime of occasional use, in fact.

Qbag Tailbag 4 zippers fastened together

But if I was using the luggage daily or keeping it permanently attached to the bike, I’d opt for something sleeker. Its 5kg maximum load capacity would prevent you being able to transport anything beyond standard luggage. You couldn’t, for example, use it to carry all your bike security to an overnight hotel stay. It’s also a bit annoying that it’s not waterproof without a cover added.

Overall, I would say the QBag Tail Bag 4 is a high-quality bit of kit you wouldn’t regret buying, especially at such a reasonable price.

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