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Year 22 reg
Mileage 321
Engine 125cc

The E4 is a high performance, high specification MGB electric scooter. It is equipped with the latest Bosch 3000W motor and 2x 60V 35Ah Greenway battery with LG cells. This motor/battery combination is very high specification and perfect for those who want their transport to be both ecological and economical. The high performance motor will easily reach 70kmh. The stunning Italian styling, state of the art TFT dashboard, LED lighting and comfortable saddle are all premium features. The E4 scooter is equipped with a 3000W BOSCH motor that is smart and efficient and allows you to reach a speed of 70 kmh in a very short time. The E4 motor is controlled by Field Oriented Control (FOC) and is equipped with an EBS braking charging system, which allows power to be reintroduced into the battery during use: every time you brake, it helps recharge the scooter! This long range model has two of the latest generation Greenway lithium-ion battery pack with LG cells, the total capacity is an impressive 4,200Wh. The battery pack can be recharged in just 6 hours, either on or of the bike, and has a range approx. 70 miles. An intelligent battery, equipped with a BMS (battery management system) able to protect it from overcharging and excessive discharging. Furthermore, it adopts a management logic inspired by automobiles that allows you to regulate power consumption, guaranteeing maximum range. The E4 is an electric scooter with a stylish and elegant Italian design. MGB has designed an innovative vehicle capable of combining modern style and maximum functionality. An e-scooter in which the attention to detail is extreme: from the footboard to the saddle with a height of 780 mm and an underlying compartment of 18.9L to ensure maximum comfort and practicality; up to the LED lights, double disc brake, USB charger for your phone and a quality frame in carefully selected materials to ensure superior safety. E4 has 3 different driving modes, each with its own characteristics: Mode 1: Maximum energy saving, maximum range.. Mode 2: Perfect balance between speed and range. Mode 3: Maximum performance. This is a true performance oriented scooter.

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