On The Wheel, East Sussex
BN41 1PL


Mileage 1
Engine 125cc

The NIU NQi Pro is using state of the art lithium-ion battery packs by Panasonic with a two-year guarantee. Weighing in at only 10kg (22lbs.), you can easily carry the NIU battery for in-home/office re-charging. The 35Ah battery's pack is fully re-charged in six hours, providing an 80 - 100 mile range.Powered by a 2400W Bosch Motor, the NIU outperforms 50cc petrol scooters with increased acceleration and of course, much less noise.The genius of the NIU NQi electric scooter is in the simple design. To create something this seamless and easy to use takes a lot of design and thought which really shows. Well balanced and packed with clever features, the NIU hasexceptional attention to detail.NIU's Smart App connects you to their cloud-based system. This allows for remote GPS tracking and alerts if unauthorised movement is detected, on-board diagnostic debugging and stats over riding history like power consumption and speed.Features include: Regenerative Braking 3 Riding Modes Anti Theft lock USB Charger Bag holder Pop-out passenger footrests Saddle handle and mounts for pillion passengers Bright LED lights front and back. Front and rear dual piston disc brakes Clear Smart Dashboard Practically maintenance freeSpecification: 28mph top speed Up to 100 mile range 109KG Curb weight 200KG Max passenger weight Around 25p per 50 MilesGovernment-backed OLEV subsidy, 2-year scooter warranty, 3-year battery warranty, top speed up to 28 mph, range 80-100 miles, charge time 3.5 hours, 60v Panasonic battery with a 3000w Bosch motor, weight 105kg. intelligent Smartphone App (Vodafone Sim fitted), Integrated alarm and anti-theft monitoring GPS, Cloud-based update and diagnostic monitoring.

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On The Wheel

Sinnis House, Ocean View Business Park, BN41 1PL

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