Fowlers of Bristol, Bristol


Year 2019 - 19 reg
Mileage 6,626
Engine 493cc

Piaggio makes the whole business a lot easier for novices, by equipping its MP3 500 Sport with a CVT automatic transmission, so it's twist and go, and a switch to lock the machine completely upright when at a standstill. An ingenious (patented) steering system involving individual front wheel struts and a parallelogram structure give exceptional stability, even in poor weather conditions. Where the front wheel of a motorcycle could slip away if you hit some wet leaves while cornering, the Piaggio MP3, with Anti Skid Control, stays stable. When you consider that the MP3's 493cc engine puts out 40PS, gets it to 60 in about 6 seconds, tops out at 95mph, yet gives you 75miles on a gallon, you're not going to be holding up the traffic or diminishing world oil resources. There's a satnav systems that sit in a shoe in the centre of the handlebars, Sat Nav included. Large helmet/load compartment under seat

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Fowlers of Bristol

2 Bath Road, BS4 3DR


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