MCN Fleet: Time for a pit stop, again

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In the three months I’ve had the GS I’ve clocked up a hefty 8384 miles, along the way getting 140-160 miles out of a tank before the reserve light comes on. 

For my riding and the distances I’m covering, I’m finding the 16-litre tank a little small – and that means the petrol station has become a regular haunt.

With a theoretical range of 171 miles, based on my 48.57mpg average, it isn’t too bad. But as I am averaging more than 640 miles a week, that sees me filling up at least four times every seven days.


On longer trips the range can be a little frustrating. The GS is comfortable enough for me to be able to press on and keep riding, so having to stop when I’m just breaking the back of a long stint is annoying.

On a recent ride between Bristol and Lands End trying to make it before sundown on the summer solstice, I found myself having to plan fuel stops carefully to avoid wasting time filling up un-necessarily. 

The 24-litre tank of the GS Adventure would definitely be a handy addition to the bike and Touratech do offer a 20-litre front tank which would take the overall fuel capacity to a whopping 36-litres, but at £1434 it’s not a cheap option. Guess I’ll just have to get used to visiting the petrol station.

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer