MCN Fleet: BMW S1000XR tyre update

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The XR has been treated to a new set of tyres as I wanted to try something new after being forced to remove the Dunlop RoadSmart IIIs because the rear got covered in oil when an inspection bolt worked loose following some engine work and most of the engine oil leaked out.

So far the XR has been through three sets of tyres: two available as original options from BMW in the form of the Bridgestone T30 and the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II and they were both more than good enough for the bike offering plenty of grip in both wet and dry conditions.

I was forced to fit the Pirelli option as they were the only ones available from the dealer which was fixing the bike after the oil leak caused by an inspection bolt coming out and with three days’ notice before a trip to Bavaria in Germany.

The Pirelli’s replaced the Dunlop RoadSmart IIIs which were an excellent upgrade over the original Bridgestone T30s with the Dunlops feeling more pliant and offering amazing dry and wet weather grip. I was sad to see them finished off after being soaked in oil.

After returning to the UK and with more than 2500 miles of wear the Pirellis were still in good shape but getting something new fitted was done in order to offer owners some information. My choice was for a set of Metezler Roadtec 01s which are a match for the Dunlops for the best ones tried so far. The warm up quickly, dry grip is stunning, wet grip is almost spooky and they suit the bike brilliantly. With nearly 1000 miles on them already, they still look like new.

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter