MCN Fleet: Five things I love about the 701 Supermoto

Published: 12 October 2016

If you've followed my articles both here on the website and in the paper you'll no doubt be aware my feelings towards the Husky flit between love and loathe quite regularly. But after a week riding a GSX-R1000 to the south of France the things I love about the 701 became clear once I swung my leg back over the seat.

1. That engine

There's something about a big single that I love. They're incredibly simple, no-nonsense, and produce their power in an addictive way. They might run out of puff a little bit at higher speeds, but they're much more fun at lower speeds than most other bikes.

2. The handling

It probably comes as no surprise the Husky handles well. The lightweight of just 145kg and those wide motocross bars make it extremely easy to throw on its ear. More often than not I end up pointing towards the inside kerb on the first corner if I've been riding something else for a little while. 

3. It will fit through almost any gap

The Husky is an excellent commuting tool. Tall and slim, it's able to squeeze through almost any gap in traffic, much to the annoyance of my fellow commuters, no doubt.

4. It's surprisingly economical

I half expected to be stopping for petrol more than once a week, but the 690cc single returns 51mpg, which results in a 130 mile range from the 13 litre tank. Twisting the throttle harder and faster seems to have little effect.

5. It just makes me smile

The Husky is so simple. Yes it's flawed as an everyday motorcycle, but the combination of light weight, that punchy engine and good brakes can't fail to make me smile. Whether it's accelerating hard out of a roundabout, tearing round my favourite roads or commuting home, I'm always guaranteed a smile.