Insurance tips: Keeping safe with the right kit

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It doesn’t seem hugely relevant to any insurance claims that you’d have to make in the unfortunate scenario of an accident, but protective riding kit could still save you money.

According to MCE Insurance (one of the brokers available through MCN Compare) if protective equipment was not in use at time of claim, a personal injury award may be affected by 10-25%.

‘Protective clothing should be worn on all journeys, no matter how short’, advises the Institute of Advanced Motorists. “Abrasion-resistance is key,” said a spokesman. There’s still nothing to beat leathers in this respect.

Here’s the IAM’s list of essential kit, in addition to a helmet (obviously)

• Gloves provide essential hand protection

• Boots will look after your ankles, as well as keep your feet warm and dry, and protect you from things thrown up by other people’s tyres

• Proper jacket and trousers – with armour to protect joints and your back

•  Waterproofs if it’s wet

An IAM spokesman told MCN: “Exactly what kind of gear you wear will depend on what kind of riding you do, and whether you like leather or textiles.

“Make sure it fits, especially your helmet. Kit that doesn’t fit won’t work properly.”

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