Big naked bikes insurance comparisons

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We revisited the 2008-current Honda CB1000R to discover whether there was still a place in the motorcycle world for this less aggressive naked bike. In short, definitely an excellent shout.

Alongside that we also took a look at the difference in insurance quotes between the used CB1000R and its naked rivals.

What's it like now? 

MCN Consumer Editor, Tony Hoare says: 

"The last time I rode a CB1000R it left me dizzy. That was admittedly less to do with the bike and more the kamikaze pigeon that timed its head-height flight to 70mph-impact perfection.

"Today there are no stars before my eyes, either from avian headbutts or from this 1000cc naked. It’s a brilliant bundle of composure, discipline and controlled speed – but in a world of super-nakeds it’s a little out of its time.

"It’s a bloody good bike, picking up cleanly from small throttle openings and lengthening its stride as the LCD rev counter clips 6000rpm and straining off into speeds that will soon have neck muscles protesting.

"Eight seasons of action and 10,000 miles of use is enough to make some bikes feel tired, but the CB1000R feels as fresh as those white and yellow things that pop up through the lawn. The suspension on this one feels suitably compliant and provides a bullish, shoulders-up riding stance.

"The hurdles at which the 123bhp detuned Blade-powered naked fell back in 2008 have only become taller and more demanding with the arrival of the super-naked generation. Those newer balls of fury, which fly off in a flurry of strained ligaments and racing pulses, make this generation feel a little staid in comparison.

"This feels more like a big Hornet than a naked Fireblade. To many that’s a good thing. In fact, this is my kind of bike – plenty of grunt without the sort of shove that puts licences in jeopardy."

Here's MCN Compare's insurance sample quotes for £5300 used big naked bikes, from cheapest to costliest, and where the Honda CB1000R sits:


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