Insurance comparisons with Yamaha's FZ1 Fazer

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We revisited the 2006-2015 Yamaha FZ1 Fazer to ask whether a 'near' miss back then, is a big hit today? 

What's it like now? 

MCN contributer Phil West says: 

"This model may be eight years old and super-nakeds may have since moved on, particularly with the advent of electronic rider aids, but in every other respect the Fazer is still a crisp, modern, purposeful roadster. I ran its naked sibling, the FZ1, for a year in 2010 and this dark blue 2008 Fazer with 16,000 miles on sale at Peterborough dealer Wheels (01733 358555) for £4495 reminds of that machine.

"Slim, light and aggressive, the FZ duo were eagerly awaited successors to the FZS1000 and were true super-nakeds based on the 2002 R1 engine and with a more sporty chassis. But they never lived up to that promise thanks to early bikes suffering from iffy fuelling and choppy suspension – even though both faults were soon rectified. And it was expensive.

"Today, however, none of that matters. With the fuelling sorted and 150bhp it’s proper fast yet still tractable. The chassis is light and lithe, sharp steering and aggressive, the brakes are powerful and the ride sporty-firm but acceptable. And though the fairing and screen suggest it’s a practical all-rounder, in reality they’re so small as to barely make a difference. It’s a hooligan in sensible clothes."

Here's MCN Compare's insurance sample quotes for £4500 roadsters bikes, from cheapest to costliest, and where the FZ1 Fazer sits:


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