Insurance comparison with Kawasaki's ZRX1200S

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After revisiting the 2001-2007 Kawasaki ZRX1200S, we questioned whether the ZRX1200R's 'sensible' sibling still makes sense.

What's it like now? 

MCN contributer Phil West says: "A posher, classier faired big Bandit, that’s what. I’d never ridden the S, a more soberly-styled and half-faired version of the ZRX before but being familiar with the Eddie Lawson-styled R variant of the Kwak meant I felt at home leaving Wheels in Peterborough, the dealer selling this bike.

"Registered in 2007 and showing just 13,672 miles plus a host of useful accessories, means this is not just one of the latest, lowest mileage examples of the breed but also, probably, one of the best – hence the slightly higher-than-usual price.

"And I can also immediately see the appeal. The ZRX is a big, old-school, roadster-style bruiser of a bike; a hefty, four-cylinder lump of analogue metal and, in this increasingly complex digital world, all the more refreshing for it. As I said: think faired Bandit 1250 and you’re not that far wide of the mark.

"But the ZRX-S, with its twin shocks, is a little more retro than the big Suzuki and, with eccentric chain adjusters, adjustable suspension and beefy six-pot front calipers, better equipped, too.

"It’s also bigger and heavier. Though silky smooth and effortlessly grunty, there’s no getting away from the fact the ZRX is large enough to be a handful and slightly awkward at low speed – smaller riders need not apply. For bigger ones, though, it’s plush, roomy, practical and fast."

Here's MCN Compare's insurance sample quotes for £4000 big muscle bikes, from cheapest to costliest: 

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