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I’ve fond memories of the second-generation SV having had a silver N version for a year in 2005. That bike immediately impressed as a willing, do-it-all pup of a light twin and this faired ’06 version from Wheels Motorcycles in Peterborough brings those happy memories flooding back.

It’s a fairly standard example with just 6400 miles showing on its fairing-mounted instrument pod and rides well, too, with no glitches or slop. The perky, pull-from-anywhere, free-revving Suzuki V-twin remains one of motorcycling’s greats and is both easy for novices and enjoyable enough for more experienced types, while the handling and manners are light, neutral and instinctive.


Best of all, though, is how well the SV has aged. In this form it’s nearly 13 years old and is based on a model that goes even further back, to 1999, so there’s no electronics and, being a fairly budget machine, few frills: the clocks are a little basic, the brakes and suspension slightly crude.

Those angular looks, too, are now more than a little dated. But despite all that, the SV is still great to ride – practical and versatile, but also engaging and fun. There are still few better first big bikes – especially for the money.


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Phil West

By Phil West

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