Can a non UK resident get insurance cover?

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Those who come to the shores of the UK can sometimes find that they have some trouble getting cover on a vehicle. With little insurance history available, some underwriters can be unwilling to provide cover to an individual who is considered a non-resident. But how can you or somebody you know get covered?

Phil Edwards, from Sheffield, wanted to know...

Can I get my Canadian mate covered on my bike insurance?

I have four 1970s bikes on a classic policy and I want to lend my Triumph T160 in June to a Canadian friend to ride at the MC Piston event in Spain. However, my insurer and every insurance company I have contacted so far, refuses cover for a ‘non-resident’.


Answered by Alastair McFarlane, MCi Tours

Mainstream insurers are often unwilling to cover a non-resident because they don’t have the claims experience to assess that person’s risk profile. Plus, the rider may be unfamiliar with UK or European conditions.

However, there are a few niche underwriters that will consider cases like this, so if you think that you might need to add an overseas friend on your policy in the coming year, then factor it in at renewal time. Each will depend on all the usual factors: age, experience and claims history, so get those details from your mate before you renew. I understand that Lynbrook Insurance can offer you cover this time.

The other option is to hire a bike. I’ve used RoadTrip Motorcycle Rental in Woking, Surrey for customers in the past as the guys there are good and enthusiastic. They can do single-day or weekend hire, up to six weeks for a European mega-tour. Other firms offering a similar service include: Superbike Rental in Brentwood, Essex; West Sussex Motorcycle Hire in Chichester, Sussex and Hunts Motorcycles, Burnage, Manchester.