Advice: 'No-fault accident has still seen my insurance rise'


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"I have fully comp insurance and was recently hit by another driver. I was not hurt too badly and the bike had some damage. He admitted it was his fault and his insurers fixed my bike. I told my insurers about it as I was getting quotes for my car and now they are quoting more than before because of this non-fault accident. I have been riding 20 years without a claim and my licence is clean. How’s this fair?" - Bruce, MCN reader

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"The amount that you pay for your insurance is determined, firstly, by the risk that you present as a rider. A percentage reduction is then made to the premium calculated, depending on your no-claims bonus. If the accident was non fault then your no-claims bonus should remain intact. If even 1% of the blame attaches to you, then this will be considered a fault accident, resulting in your no-claims bonus being lost -unless it’s protected.

"It is a statistical fact that people who have had one accident are more likely to have a second, even if they were in no way to blame for the first. As a result, your insurer is more likely to have to pay out on your policy in the future, hence the loading of your premium.

"However, insurers use different risk assessment models and some will not penalise a non-fault accident victim. The best advice is to compare quotes from as many insurers as you can to make sure you are getting the best deal."
Andrew Campbell, Bikelawyer.

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