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What is a naked bike?

Naked bikes are motorcycles that have no, or very little, bodywork.  Naked bikes generally have an upright riding position that makes them comfortable on long journey and wider, flat bars that provide good leverage.

Naked bikes aren't restricted to a specific engine size - there are 125cc naked bikes, such as the Honda CB125F, and naked bikes that produce almost the same power as modern day superbikes.

Many riders choose naked bikes because they find sportsbikes uncomfortable and impractical, but they still want a similar level of excitement, which naked bikes can offer. While many naked bikes make good all-rounders they aren't the best when it comes to long distance riding, due to the lack of wind and weather protection. Many owners of naked bikes fit aftermarket screens to help with this.

How much is naked bike insurance?

The price of naked bike insurance can vary greatly, due to the huge variation between naked bikes themselves. Obviously the higher the power of your naked bike the higher the insurance premium will be.

Many naked bike owners like to add extras to their bikes and modify them. If you think you'll be modifying your naked motorcycle it's important your insurer knows exactly what changes you plan to make, so they can provide an accurate quote. 

Popular naked bike models

One of the most popular naked bike models of all time is undoubtedly the Suzuki Bandit. The easy-going Bandit first appeared in the '90s and was available in 600c and 1200cc versions. Bandit owners love to modify their machines and they have a huge following, with many active owners' clubs.

One of the most popular naked bikes currently in production is the Triumph Street Triple 765. When it was first introduced the Street Triple (then a 675), completely changed the middleweight naked class almost overnight, blowing away the competition with its blend of speed and handling. It's still the bike to beat in the middleweight naked class.

Looking for motorcycle insurance? Head to MCN Compare and get a quote in minutes!

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