Sports Tourer Motorbike Insurance

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What is a sports tourer?

A sports tourer is a motorcycle designed to bridge the gap between full on sporsbikes and superbikes and dedicated touring motorcycles. 

Sports touring motorcycles are general high capacity machines of around 1000cc with a riding position that tilts the rider slightly forward, though not as much as a dedicated sportsbike or superbike. Where sportsbikes are built primarily for going fast, sports tourers are built to be practical and useable. As such the handlebars are generally slightly higher and foot pegs lower to provide a more comfortable and roomy seating position.

Sports tourer engines are tuned more for road riding, with more power in the low and mid range. Many sports tourers come with rider aids and electronics to aid comfort and ease-of-use, such as cruise control and heated grips. Sports tourers generally provide provision for luggage to be fitted to the bike, too.

How much is sports tourer insurance?

Since many sports tourer motorcycles are used for exactly that, touring, they cover a lot of miles, which means the chance of an accident is higher than for types of motorcycles that generally cover fewer miles.

Something else to consider when searching for a sports tourer insurance quote is overseas cover. Many sports tourer owners like to take their bike on long trips abroad so be sure you get overseas cover included in your sports tourer insurance quote if you're planning on travelling overseas.

Popular sports tourer motorcycles

One of the most popular modern sports tourer motorcycles is the Kawasaki Z1000SX. The Z1000SX is almost the perfect sports tourer motorcycle, with a great combination of sports performance and touring ability.

One of the most popular sports tourers of all time is the Honda VFR750 and VFR800. Honda's VFR series of motorcycles is loved by many who see it as one of the best road-going motorcycles produced. The VFR is powered by a V4 engine which provides plenty of power throughout the rev range and creates a unique character.

Some of the fastest bikes ever built are classed as sports tourers. Bikes like the Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki ZX-12R and Honda Super Blackbird are all sports tourers that were built for covering great distances at speed. Although, while they are definitely sports tourers, these bikes place a little more emphasis on the sport side of sports touring.

Looking for motorcycle insurance? Head to MCN Compare and get a quote in minutes!