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What is a trike?

Trikes are three-wheeled vehicles, usually with one wheel at the front, like a motorcycle, and two at the back, although they can have two wheels at the front and one at the back.

There aren't a huge amount of manufacturers producing trikes, although Harley-Davidson do make a production trike. One of the largest manufacturers of trikes is Can-Am, whose trikes are slightly different than most as they have two wheels at the front.

Three-wheeled vehicles built by car manufacturer Morgan are not considered motorcycles as they use a steering wheel and have the passenger seat next to the driver, rather than behind.

Bikes with sidecars fitted aren't usually considered as trikes.

How much is trike insurance?

The cost of trike insurance can vary greatly, depending on many variables, and some specialist motorcycle insurers may be reluctant to insure your trike, so it's important you do your research when looking to get trike insurance. 

Make sure the insurer knows every detail about your trike, especially if it's a completely custom trike, so they can give you the most accurate quote.

Most popular trike models?

By far the largest producer of trikes are Can-Am, who have several models of trike in their range. Harley-Davidson, while known primarily for producing motorcycles, also produce a trike.

Many trike riders choose to build their own trikes, or have somebody build a trike for them so they get something completely bespoke and unique

Why are custom trikes harder to insure?

Custom trikes are harder to insure because they're completely bespoke bikes, and insurance companies won't have a reference on their files. Custom trikes will also require every modification to be listed meticulously during the application process, although this also applies to production trikes.

Some insurers may ask to see photographic evidence before they will provide a quote cor a custom trike.

Looking for motorcycle insurance? Head to MCN Compare and get a quote in minutes!

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