Motorcycle insurance advice - what to do after an accident

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You've had an accident that wasn't your fault. You've checked no one is hurt and turned off the engines. So what do you do next?

Everyone has heard horror stories of motorcycle insurance claims that have gone wrong so what can you do to make sure that your claim goes through as smoothly as possible?

Take photos
Most phones have cameras built in them, so before you move anything take some photos of the accident. Try and get as many angles as possible. If there are marks on the road to do with the accident take photos of them too.

Get witnesses
If anyone saw the accident take their details. You will need at least their name and mobile number but motorbike insurance companies would also like it if you get their address. Get as many witnesses as possible.

Make a record of the other person admitting fault
If the other person admits the accident was their fault, get them to sign something saying it. Or record them on your phone - if your phone doesn't have a recording function call your own number and record the message into the answering machine. Or if you can't manage this, get the other person to admit fault in front of a witness.

Officially record injuries
If you have picked a minor injury, or something that could be worse when the adrenalin wears off get it checked out. The police can also make a record of the injury if they are present. If the injury causes you to take some time off, it's important to have proof of when it occurred.

Don't get angry
Even if your pride and joy has been trashed, don't do anything you may come to regret.

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Samuel Pinney

By Samuel Pinney