Don't lose out on cheap bike insurance

Andy Stimson was one of the "shoppers" who tested our MCN Compare website before it went live and he saved over £100 on a sample quote for his Triumph Sprint in Peterborough, but the 46-year-old is kicking himself today."

I was really impressed with the search engine, even in its beta form back in December 08. It was easy to use and came back with that saving. But I've got a multi-bike classic policy and got it into my head to add it to that. But they charged me squillions and I ended up paying £120 more before I remembered MCN Compare so I was gutted."

"The Sprint's off the road now, so I've cancelled the insurance for it. When it goes back on the road in the Spring I'll be giving MCN Compare a try, and so will my son for his new CBR600."

The moral of this story? MCN Compare is the place to come if you want to save money on your next bike insurance quote.

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