Save over £200 on motorcycle insurance with MCN Compare

Finding cheap motorcycle insurance has never been easier with the help of MCN Compare - many readers have made savings worth £100s a year by using our simple service.

Using MCN Compare takes a few minutes of your time and can return insurance quotes from over 20 different insurance brands.

MCN readers Darren Tatchell and Graham White insured their bikes through MCN Compare, and they couldn't be happier, having saved £150 and £250 respectively.

Graham, who rides a 1997 Ducati 748, said: "I googled 'motorbike insurance comparison' and MCN Compare came up as the number one hit!

"I spent no more than 20 minutes filling out my details and straight away found 15 quotes cheaper than the renewal quote from my previous insurer.

"The final quote was £222.22 - which gave me a saving of over £250!"

Darren Tatchell, who owns a 2004 Honda CBR600RR, said: "The best quote I received from MCN was £442. This was nearly £150 cheaper than I could get from anywhere else.

"I found the site very easy to use. I was watching a video review on the new ABS CBR600RR when I spotted the insurance page and filled in my details."

 Save money on motorcycle insurance with MCN Compare

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