Motorcycle insurance for new bikes

When a new bike hits the market and keen buyers rush out and want to get on the road as soon as possible, they often find that motorcycle insurance companies don't have a listing for the bike and want to insure it as a comparable model.

This can seem worrying if you imagine a scenario where the police run a registration/mot/insurance check and the it comes back as a different model to the one you‚re riding.

But even though your bike isn't listed you are not exposed at all. Insurance is a contract of utmost good faith, relying on each party giving the other the correct details. As long as the wrong‚ model designation is for a bike of comparable performance, the risk should have been rated correctly.

How it works with the police and their database is that your insurer then sends off details of the insurance policy along with your personal details (though not your child benefit and bank account details - hopefully) to the Motorist Insurers Bureau.

The MIB has a database of every motor policy held in the UK and the Police can cross-reference that way. Chances are, they' be satisfied there and then, but the worst that could happen is getting a producer.


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